Within the crumbling of the old economy, there is fertile ground to plant the seeds of a society based on sharing and caring. By pooling our labor, we can meet each others needs and rediscover the joy of belonging to a community that values people, place and planet.

-- WSTB Mission Statement

Telephone Registration 

If you or someone you know has difficulty using or accessing a computer, call 206-842-4800. A WSTB mentor will be happy to help with registration.

On-line Registration 

Click here to join WSTB. Fill in the required fields on the on-line form. We will process your application as quickly as possible but please expect the whole process to take several days. One of our WSTB volunteers will be in touch with you and keep you informed about your application process.

Membership Contribution

Annual Membership: tax deductible, suggested contribution of $25 per member or $40 per household. This is a voluntary contribution but it does take some money to keep the time bank running, so if you can afford it, we really appreciate the contribution. Monetary contributions pay for our telephone, printing and event space rentals.

If you have difficulty contributing in dollars, it's also possible to contribute time bank hours. Contact us and we'll work something out. 


Help West Sound Time Bank Grow

If you would like to be actively involved in helping WSTB development, come to the Core Group meetings on the third Friday of each month, noon to 1:30pm at the Marge Williams Center in the Conference Room. Address: 221 Winslow Way West, Bainbridge Island.