World Time Banking

We have gone global! The hOurworld team of software developers has just revised their Time & Talents time banking software that West Sound Time Bank uses, to include the capacity to offer and receive services from any of the hOurWolrd family of time banks. This extends our reach to approximately 25,000 members in the U.S. and will soon include the UK.

Under a new agreement with hOurworld, Timebanking UK will shortly be offering the Time & Talents (TnT) time banking software to all of their member time banks. The Lewisham Local Time Bank in the UK has been working with hOurWorld behind the scenes for the past year: testing, advising and helping ready TnT to accommodate European date, phone and address formats.

The hOurworld team is also working with a Drupal Developer and a Timebanks USA Tech Coordinator to create an off-site, third party, platform to support inter-trading between any of the time banking software platforms. This would allow any time bank, using any software, to exchange services. Do you have loved ones on the other coast who could use some help? Soon you'll be able to use your hours to get local help for them!

Welcome to World Time Banking!