Ode to WSTB

The people of West Sound Time Bank are my heroes. Sans capes, of course! This is a love letter; or, if you like that kind of thing, an “Ode.” WSTB how do I love thee, let me recount the ways...

Time bankers have helped me in my gardens, moving furniture and teaching me how to make no-knead bread. I've received day lilies and Raspberries. I've even had my parents' seventy-five year old analog recordings converted to digital. Most amazingly of all, a fellow member allowed me to repay a debt with a gift of my hours. And that's just some of my “Asks!” When a recent injury caught up with me, it was time bankers who kept my spirits up and got me to my doctors appointments. Without the help of members who cleaned my house and shopped for me my recovery would have been compromised.

Super Annee! Off on another
important mission for WSTB
Then there's the countless ways I've been allowed to help others! Yep, I have had the great fortune to be a “hero” too. (I keep meaning to have my cape dry cleaned.) I've sat member's dogs. Helped with painting a friend's bedroom, and with moving her household. I've been working with the core group of individuals running West Sound. I've had a hand in pretty much all aspects of our day to day running. From helping to design and distribute our brochures to hosting events and manning our office hour. I've “tabled” and handed out leaflets. Been an “ebuddy” tutoring members in the use of our platform and logging exchanges for them.

Best of all, I've brainstormed solutions and schemes to further our time bank. I feel empowered and powerful. Competent and vital. I get to be “part of the change I want to see!” I'm an introvert and a weirdo. I'm smart, an artist and writer who could theoretically “do anything.” As a result of Mental Illness my successes have been short lived. I simply have not done well in a “9 to 5” setting. Here I am successful. My waxing and waning energy is accepted here. In the Time Bank I have found my tribe.

The folks I've met via West Sound are some of my closest friends. When I discovered Time Banking and other “alternative economies,” I began a journey of healing. Worldwide more and more folks are figuring out new ways to get what they need. And finding they often get what they want. I finally found the acceptance and support we all crave in my West Sound Time Bank family.

With my best wishes,