Getting Help with Time Bank Questions

Time banking is still a fairly new concept to most of us. As with anything new, getting a helping hand from time to time can be essential. Here are a few ways to get help:
  • WSTB Drop-in Office Hour – join one of our hard-working core group members in the WSTB office (221 Winslow Way West, Suite 101, Bainbridge) on Wednesdays from 2:00 to 3:00pm. Just drop in, ask any time bank related questions you have and we'll do our best to help.
  • Time Bank E-Buddies - If you want someone to help you on a regular basis with navigating the on-line time bank software, call the WSTB office (206-842-4800) or e-mail us ( and request an e-buddy. We'll set you up with someone you can call whenever you need help.
  • Just Ask - Call the WSTB office (206-842-4800) or e-mail us ( and ask your question. We'll make sure it gets to someone who can help.
  • On-line Help – Once you are logged onto the on-line software platform, you can get help with any aspect of the software by clicking the Help button at the top of the page that you have questions about.

Go with the Flow

As one of our Core Group members recently pointed out, there are ways in which time banking is similar to the monetary economy and ways in which it is very different. It is similar in that both the monetary economy and time banking need a constant flow of exchanges to be healthy. It is different because no one cares if you are in debt! It really doesn't matter whether your time bank account has a positive or negative balance at any given time. As long as we all keep having transactions with other time bank members, it's all good.

Pics from a Time Bank member's work party!

Nine hardy souls ventured into Kat's yard and wrought havoc among the misplaced flora (commonly known as "weeds"). Not everyone wanted to be pictured, so here are those extra-hardy souls who didn't mind:

Melissa and Mickey suit up!
Melissa and Mickey suit up for the day

Chikage makes short work of Kat's weeds
Chikage makes short work of Kat's weeds

Wheelbarrow pilot
Wheelbarrow pilot!

Kema learns the way of the weedhound
Kema learns the way of the weedhound

Bruce tells the grass what's what
Bruce tells the grass what's what